Monday, August 18, 2014

Judy's Stack & Whack

Judy came to me early in the spring to get quilting ideas on her Stack & Whack, which wasn't quite finished.  Karen of Karen's Quilt Shop had referred her to me.  She's new to quilting and new to having quilts quilted for her.

Judy had already decided that she didn't love this quilt and didn't want any special quilting. On these types of quilts I will often do some design work in the border and sometimes just a squiggly line around the hexagons to make them stand out. This one also had blocks in it that look great when quilted with some depth to them.

As per Judy's request, I did an allover pattern on the main body of the quilt. However, when she brought it back to me it had that lovely red piping that surrounded the black inner border and made it really look finished. I just couldn't ignore that lovely design, so with her permission, I took a little poetic license with "allover."  Could you have ignored that??

This shot of the back shows the quilting, using Marine Gold from Fil-Tec. I love that stuff. It looks almost metallic, yet it sews perfectly with NO breakage.  

The allover turned out fine on this quilt with the added border designs and the gold thread didn't take away from the design elements. Below is a closer shot of the quilting.

Hope everyone is enjoying what's left of summer.  Its hard to be in the studio when its so lovely outside!!


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