Thursday, August 21, 2014

Quincy Crazy Quilter's Rangely Stars Raffle Quilt

Next month, the Quincy Crazy Quilters will draw the winning ticket for the 2014 Opportunity Quilt (click HERE for pics). Next year at this time, they will be drawing the winning ticket for the quilt pictured below. After obtaining permission from the designer to use this as the raffle quilt, the women in charge set about purchasing fabric. Then the guild contributed their workmanship and this beautiful quilt emerged. My photo does not do it justice.  It is huge and, unfortunately, my ceilings aren't high enough to really showcase it.

My goal with this quilt was to keep the quilting simple, while showing off the beautiful stars.  I wanted nothing to take away from them as they are what makes this quilt so special.  I started off with SID around the stars and the feather pattern in the rectangles on the outside. I did the feathers in such a manner that it looks as if they are surrounding the quilt.

After thinking long and hard on what design would best fit the inside of this quilt, I chose meandering feathers. I considered SID around all the stars and/or a special design in each one--but I didn't want to clutter the quilt with my quilting. The meandering feathers just seemed to be the right choice.

I wish I had been able to get better shots of the back. But since my ceiling didn't grow after photographing the front, this is what your'e stuck with!

You get the general idea with the pic above and below are a few more with a bit more detail.  

This quilt is stunning person and I hope it brings the guild lots of $$$$$


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  1. Wow, Dory, that is beautiful! You are so good at selecting the right quilt pattern for each quilt. I hope that it makes lots of money for your guild too. :-) Sara


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