Monday, November 30, 2015

Project Quilting -- Snowball

I've had my block done for over a week; it just needed binding. This afternoon, I put binding on a quilt for my granddaughter and then attached the binding to this challenge block. About halfway through, it suddenly hit me: Today is the last day!!  Yikes--I got busy. 

My block is done. I actually worked on this shortly after the disaster in Paris. I was so sad about what had happened that it was easy to choose the colors to go with the blue. I had to use red and white, the colors of their flag. The pattern is called "Round the Twist."  I'm calling my quilt simply "For France."

 And a shot of the back:

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  1. Lovely Dorothy......I am a real sucker for R,W and B quilts.....Carol V- Tville


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