Monday, May 2, 2016

Scrappy Carpenter's Star

Really???  Yep, that's what this pattern is called; however, no matter how I looked at it, I sure didn't see a star. Lyn didn't either--and its her quilt!!  Do you see one??

I just couldn't decide what to do on this quilt. There's no star anywhere, scrappy or otherwise.  I even took a pic of it with me to the Empty Spools conference in Asilomar, so I could look at it and make a decision.  Didn't help!

So, after much thought, I just loaded it and started quilting--trusting that something would come to me. I did a simple back and forth in the piano keys, ignored the sashing, and moved on to the inner body. I did three different geometric designs in the three different-sized squares, using lines to tie them all together.

Although it doesn't show up well, I did the outside square with the same design as that inner, corner square.  The sashing was done with "c"s.

Here's a small shot of the back. Unfortunately, the backing fabric didn't allow for much to show up, so you only get a peak.


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