Monday, December 12, 2016

From Practice to Quilt

After taking Kathleen's class, I knew what I was going to do with Carolyn's quilt. Prior to that, I was stumped!!

I'm not sure why the fabric looks so pink...its actually a beautiful red on the back.

Kathleen taught us to look for patterns made by the piecing as well as areas to highlight. The stars had to be highlighted, so I framed them with very dense quilting.

Here are closeups of a few more.

In this last one, you can also see the border.  I did a wide bead board with pebbles between the "boards" in gold thread. Military Gold by Glide is my favorite "go to" gold thread.

A couple more shots of the back. I wish the fabric color had photographed more true. It probably would have if I knew what I was doing--I just point and shoot!! I'm a quilter, not a photographer, in case you hadn't noticed!!! 

Thanks for looking!


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