Thursday, February 9, 2017

Geesh--Sometimes I HATE Change!!

Its been a few months since my last post--actually, longer than that because I tend to schedule posts way in advance. I'm not very good at sitting down to do this when I should (gee, bet you're surprised!)

We are in Cannon Beach, Oregon, at Ecola Lodge for our 16th wedding anniversary.  Isn't it beautiful--or it would be, if the sun were actually shining!

King Suite with Kitchen & Fireplace

The plan was to do lots of hiking and checking things out; however, the weather is not cooperating. It rained and gusts of wind shook our cabin windows all night long. And its still going on outside. So perfect day to sit at my computer and update my blog while Dennis works on his stuff--we're waiting for the weather to improve. And then Google changed everything--took me hours to get into my blog again--thus the blog title!

More posts in almost immediately.


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