Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Easter is Here

This is the cutest bunny quilt EVER!!  Barbara is a new customer and from her response to my quilting, she'll be back. I was so impressed with her buttonhole stitch by hand on this quilt, that I couldn't bring myself to do any quilting in the areas she'd stitched.  Have a look.  There are lots of pics!

Every place you think the quilt needs some detail, like an eye on the bunny perhaps, imagine a button. Barb had sewn on all the buttons so she wouldn't lose them during her move and then had to take them all back off before giving it to me to quilt.

These flowers will have a button in the middle as well. Then the petals will puff and give the quilt great dimension.

I love how the applique is combined with the piecing--its one of my favorite looks. I had a lot of fun quilting this one!

This bunny will be adorable with his button eye!

And many shots of the back--it was a plain lilac fabric so the quilting really showed up.

Thanks for looking!!


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