Sunday, June 21, 2020

My Mystery Quilt

Karen's Quilt Shop does a mystery project every year. Every year I sign up because who doesn't need another UFO??? This year, however, I actually finished mine!

This was a fun quilt to work on. The blocks were big...16x16 and there's always the "how will it turn out with the fabrics I've chosen" bit to worry about. Fabrics were easy for me as I already owned the black Grunge and the red. The pinks and mottled gray seemed to be logical choices to go with them. It is a bit on the bright side, but its so geometric that I think it works.

The other fun bit about this mystery is the assembly. There were several different variations.

When it came to quilting, it got interesting. The book showed several options for the blocks and I did take their ideas in some of the areas. I'll point those out with the close-up pics.

Nope, you're not seeing double. Same block, just in opposite corners. The pink/red rows that are quilted as one have a design from the book. I wasn't sure about it, but I couldn't come up with anything else. The rest of the block is just common designs that I've done many times before that you'll recognize.

This is another shot of the corner, just more towards the middle. Its hard to see the quilting in the black, but I did the same linework on the outside black bit as the book. The inside black has feathers. I think you'll be able to see them if you blow the pic up. (Just click on it)

We had options when putting the quilt together, but I loved this center block which dictated the assembly. It was also the most difficult to decide on a quilting design. I wanted the shapes to show up, but I didn't want them to be prominent--that was for the red. I opted for some "framing" of the different shapes with a matching thread and then a tiny stipple to hold it down so the red could pop.

Initially, the red just had the lines; the feathers were the last bit I added before taking this one off the frame. Those diamonds just needed a little boost.

And now the back...I always love the back! (Some may be a bit redundant, but did I mention that I love the back???)

Thanks for looking!!!


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