Sunday, September 6, 2020

Lori Quilts too!

Many moons ago when I worked in the DA's Office in Washoe County, Nevada, I had a friend named Lori. We caught up again on Facebook a couple of years ago and I found out that she'd taken up quilting as well. She started checking my blog and decided to have me quilt her son's wedding quilt. The new daughter-in-law picked the pattern and fabric and Lori got busy. This is what I received in the mail...isn't it gorgeous. The pattern is called Jewel Box.

This quilt offered so many options for quilting from super modern to traditional. After many messages back and forth, we opted for a combination. I love how it turned out--wait till you see all the pics!!

This first one sort of gives you an overview of the quilting. Some traditional continuous curve with loops in the four patches and the faux border created with quilted lines.

This one is a bet closer with a little more detail. The lighting is a bet better and shows the ribbon candy on the inner border.

And closer can see the "c's" around the larger four patch and the separation with the quilted line "frame."

This pic shows the detail of the border. I started out with piano keys, but it was just too plain. Adding the ribbon candy made it pop. (Gotta love matter what I do, this pic will not center! Its making me crazy!!)

Lori was determined that the quilting would show on the back, so she sent this very simple backing. The quilting showed up nicely, I think. Have a look...

Lori's son and daughter-in-law got the quilt this past weekend. She said they were very pleased. 

Thanks for looking!!!


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