Thursday, August 20, 2009

Charity/Military Quilts

Andrea made a presentation at our Guild (Quincy Crazy Quilters) a few months ago. Her son is a medic overseas and expressed concern that when wounded soldiers are brought in, they have nothing except the clothes they're wearing. Unfortunately, those clothes are often destroyed, leaving them with nothing to wear. He started a collection of clothes from other hospital personnel to give to these men and then asked his mom, an avid quilter, if she would make quilts for them as well. She told our Guild this story and the ladies immediately came to her aid. They've been giving her blocks and tops and she's been quilting and mailing as fast as she can. I told her that I could squeak in a couple, so these are the two I've quilted for her. Hope they make someone happy...

And the second one...although this one looks like it should go to a soldier's son, to me

(sorry about the photo quality--or lack thereof--I took these with my work camera since I'd forgotton to photograph them at home.)

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