Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Eastern High Sierra Classic 2009

I'm just back from Bridgeport where I competed in the EHSC 2009 50 mile endurance ride. It was the most beautiful ride ever! I started on my own (Dennis didn't ride) along with 96 other people in single file for almost 15 miles of very treacherous, rocky, single-track trail going up and then coming down the mountain. We went by beautiful waterfalls and had gorgeous views all around us. It was spectacular. Socks did remarkably well without Andy, his buddy, and in a wagon train of horses. I've never ridden him in that situation; luckily he kept his head or it could have been curtains for us! (eek!)

The second loop wasn't nearly so technical and had us sharing a meadow with cows, riding through a beautiful aspen grove and then finally back into camp for the finish...9 hours later! Best part...no back pain for me; some back pain for Socks so saddle adjustment isn't quite right yet.

Another photo of Socks...this was the start and he wasn't happy...
I have to actually WORK this Friday, but Saturday and Sunday will be quilting days. I'm caught in a spinning vortex; as much as I love to quilt, I want to be riding; and as much as I love to ride, I want to be quilting. Maybe they could make a longarm with a saddle mount????


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  2. you know that they make a stool with a 'saddle' seat for sitting while long arming....it's more english than western tho....and since you have to seat it right, it could throw you....
    shrug, just my two cent worth

    smoochies chic-a-pea

  3. I actually ride in an english saddle...so there, missy!


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