Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy, busy, busy

Its been absolutely crazy here, but I think things will finally start slowing down. We spent all of last week trying to help with--and participate in--the National Championships that I talked about before. We rode the 50 mile ride on Sunday, but my horse was pulled by the veterinarians and myself at the 35 mile vet check. He has really poor conformation and his back was sore. Very ironic, since this was to be my second 50 since my second back surgery. At least we made it a very beautiful 35 miles!
Sad news is that Socks will be going to a new home in the future. He is not an endurance horse, but he loves to be ridden. Unfortunately, since we have four other horses, he won't get ridden because he isn't built to travel 50 miles. We're looking for a good home for him with someone that just wants to trail ride. Any ideas?? This is a picture of Socks and me on our first ride after my surgery. He's a great boy; I just wish he were built better.

We got home from the ride on Sunday night around 10 and were at work on Monday at 7. I tried to nap at my desk, but people kept interrupting...go figure.

Friday I left for the Chalet View and the Quincy Crazy Quilters guild retreat. Had a great time. My sister came over from Carson City and we sewed all afternoon on Friday, all day on Saturday and until 3 on Sunday. I'm only nine blocks shy of having my top done. My goal is to have it finished by 10/15, when I head to the bay area for training. I'll go right past the quilt shop whose owner, Marsha, taught the quilt, so I'll be able to get borders and backing then. Morning Star Quilts is famous for its batiks, and since I used batiks in my quilt, what better place to find borders? This is a sneak preview of one of the blocks in my quilt...

Just prior to the ride and before I could leave for the retreat, I finished this quilt. I was able to deliver it Thursday night and Carolyn loved it! It was my first true custom with SID on every block. I even had to outline applique and, as with everything else, its become easier with time. I used either Monolon by Madeira on the top or Bottom Line Lace White.

I did large cross-hatching following the contours of the border on the outside; ribbon candy on the inside border and then more cross-hatching in the sashing. Some of the blocks have CC, all have SID and usually some stippling to make the design really pop.

Here is a closer view of the bottom of the quilt. Remember, you can click on the block for an even closer shot. Isn't the dog cute?
Another photo for your viewing pleasure

Yurt Alert...Yurt Alert

Its coming along!! We may have our second and final pour tomorrow, weather permitting. I'm not sure how all our stuff is going to fit, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I did a diagram to scale and it all fit then, so unless the stuff has grown or the yurt has shrunk, things should work out.

After they poured the concrete, they finished setting the blocks. The pipes you see sticking up in the photo below are for the plumbing. We're getting there...slowly *sigh*

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