Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Counting Down

The countdown is on for many things. First and foremost is that in 90 minutes, I will no longer be at work and won't be back until late Monday. I'm taking the rest of the week off to finish the quilt that was on my frame on Friday (I'm done with the SID and the rest of the rulerwork--only need to do the fill now), get our toter ready for the National Championships and get us and the horses ready for our 50 mile ride on Sunday (the reason I won't make it to work by 7 on Monday).

Dennis has embroidered almost 150 hats, screen-printed 160 totebags, screen-printed 50 volunteer shirts, screen-printed 60 t-shirts to sell and will be doing an additional 40 before Thursday and will be embroidering 10 sweatshirts for sale all with this logo in various forms.

He has hit the ground running with his screen-printing and embroidery business. No advertising, all word-of-mouth and he's so busy, he can't see straight. But that's a really good thing with this economy. I'm very proud of him; he had absolutely no background with any of this before he started--he's really come a long way.

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