Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Yurt...Day 2

We spent all day yesterday just getting the rafters up and the roof on. We started here:

Next came the rafters. This was a bit tricky as the initial scaffolding wasn't high enough and two of the guys helping us hate heights! We eventually got some higher scaffolding and Dennis and one other guy held the dome ring while the guys on the ground connected the rafters to the tension cable on the lattice wall. The rafters had to be connected so that they were evenly spaced to initially keep the dome from crashing to the ground.

After the rafters, the first liner was to go on. I was reading the directions as they guys were doing the majority of the work. Then, as I read further and started poking around, I realized something was very wrong. Notice the difference in the thicknesses of the cable? The thin cable had been wrapped around the lattice and had all the rafters using it for support; however, the thick cable was the correct cable for this job. Hmmmmmm.... A bit of head scratching and it was decided that rather than take the rafters off, we'd just thread the thick cable through, connect it and then remove the thin cable. This worked and after about an hour, we were back on track.

Next came the white liner which shows to the inside behind the rafters.

Then the insulation.

As we were discussing the insulation and wondering if we should tack it down (the directions suggest not doing this part on a windy day; however, since we were expecting a torrential downpour on Monday, it had to be done), a gust of wind came up and blew the insulation off. There was nothing we could do except watch and laugh!

We got the insulation back on top, got the vinyl cover over the insulation and the dome on. This is where we ended last night before the rains. With any luck we'll finish the walls this weekend!


  1. *wave*
    that is so cool! thanks for taking so many pictures...i was wondering exactly what you meant when you said "yurt". i get it now...

    shucks- now i want a yurt....

  2. PacificYurts.com and you, too, can have one!!


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