Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The Yurt Goes "Live"

What does this mean???  Well, unfortunately, it doesn't mean that its done.  However, it does mean that the electricity is working, the concrete-slab floor is now being heated via the radiant floor ducting (turned on just in time for the coldest night in was 2.8, yes, two-point-eight) and the wood stove is installed and burning.  The stove is so cute; its a tiny little thing and downright adorable.

This photo was taken before sunrise and before we moved the ladder *bummer*.  I love how warm and cozy the yurt looks from the outside and it is surprisingly warm inside.  Even though the actual temperature may read 10 degrees less than the house, it feels 10 degrees warmer.  Must have to do with the radiant floor.

This one was taken this morning, after moving the ladder, and when it was starting to get light.  The lattice that you see looking through the door window is on the back wall.  The interior has lattice all the way around as well as support studs.  Its very light and airy inside.

Inside pictures will come after this weekend.  Currently, the inside is a major construction zone.  We need one more inspection, then we can button-up the walls, install the "kitchen" cabinet, clean the place up and start staining the floor.  I'm thinking I'll start in the bathroom, that way, if I don't like it, I won't be committed to finishing the whole thing.  I'm so excited...I can't wait to be inside working on my longarm!!

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