Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Does anyone really buy food with Per Diem?

As you know, I'm in Sacramento for training.  I couldn't let a trip to Sac go by without visiting a new quilt shop and, of course, buying fabric.  I found Bearpaws and Hollyhocks only about 15 minutes from my hotel.  Its in a smaller strip mall on El Camino.  Its a great shop with tons of fabric displayed so you can actually see it.  I dealt mostly with Elaine, who was a huge help in picking out fabric, and with Lindy, the owner, whose opinion we kept checking.  This is the fabric I ended up with--I'll be using it to make the Pioneer Sampler by Quilt-in-a-Day. 

Since I've been in Sac, I finished putting the blocks together from my retreat quilt.  The colors aren't true at all in this picture, its purple with yellows/orange.  It looks much better in person.  When I went to square the blocks before assembling the top, I realized I hadn't brought a ruler that was large enough.  No matter though, now I'm working on a red/white/black Turning 20! 

And in case you were worried, I am learning things at my training.  Today I learned how to interrogate people and better yet, I learned the tell-tale signs that broadcast when someone isn't telling the truth. 

So, back to the original question...Does anyone really use their per diem money to buy food?  I bought some food, but buying fabric is way more fun!  I can eat when I get home.....


  1. I love the purple/yellow quilt, too perfect!!
    You are too smart bringing all that piecing, I bet you will have a lot more tops to quilt when you finally get home. Take care,

  2. Its perfect piecing time...no housework waiting, no dinner to cook!!

  3. Hi there!
    I live about 5 min. from BP&HH as we call it, or just Bearpaws...lol
    Anyhoo, if ya ever need anything when you are in town, or a lunch buddy, lemme know.
    We used to live in Mt.Shasta, and have friends in Quincy...
    Gael T.

  4. Gael, you're on...next time I'm down for a training, we'll do lunch!


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