Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Exciting News -- New Challenges

I finally did it.  I've been talking about it for years, but I finally did it!  I went home from work on March 8 and had a complete meltdown.  Dennis had stayed home that day because of a major water leak that had sprung that morning that needed fixing.  He stayed home the rest of the day and got some screen printing done for his business.  I'd only been home a few minutes, meltdown starts, Dennis comes over to say "hi" (from his screen-printing studio) to find me a mess!  (I'm sure he was re-thinking the whole, "I'll go say Hi" idea)

So we talked and talked and realized that with my retirement, quilting business, the four different associations that I get paid to take minutes for and the potential other work-from-home irons that I have in the fire, I should give notice.  I spent the whole night fretting and the whole next day on edge; should I do it??  During the day we heard about a friend whose cancer was so bad that they'd opened him to operate and closed him right back up.  Made me realize, once again, how short life is.  So...at 4:30 (yes, I waited until the last minute) I told my boss that I was retiring (hard word to say) and that April 29 would be my last day. 

Since then, my boss has asked me to reconsider.  Nope!

Meet Plumas County's new, official, Code Enforcement Officer. I think he can handle the job...don't you??


  1. Congrats! I retired from my "real" job 5 years ago when I was 46-haven't regretted a minute yet!!

  2. Dory ! Congratulation! Great decision! You do have a lot of irons in the fire. I love retirement and have even learned to say NO - I used to stretch myself out too much. Having a lot more fun with fewer commitments! Saw you on Manquilter a few times. I'm Marilyn S. I am IQuiltToo on APQS.

    Hope to get to Graeagle this summer when we are in the Tahoe/Reno area. We will be there all of July.

  3. Way to go Dory!! Besides being an APQS rep is going to keep you busy enough. Congrats and don't look back!

  4. Congratulations-decisions like these are difficult for sure. I wish you nothing but the best and a lot less stress!

  5. Thanks everyone!! Now to just promote myself and get more quilting business. I know its a good decision for me; I'm so thrilled about it. Marilyn, if you get to Graeagle and have time to get together, let me know. I'd love to meet you!

  6. Well good golly, good for YOU! I know you will have a blast retiring!
    Super congrats!

    Gael "Pink-a-Palooza"


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