Thursday, March 11, 2010

Victory Quilt

When I first got my Millinneum and began quilting for others, Paula, a lady in my Guild, suggested that I prepare a sample of the pantographs I offered for customers to choose from.  At the time, being a newbie, I thought, "What a great idea."  However, as time went on and I started working on more customer quilts and had less time of my own, I realized two things:  1) I love custom quilting and freehand ovealls and 2) I was never, ever going to have time to create samples of the 60+ pantos I had inherited.

With that realization, I determined that although Paula sent her quilts out, she would not be sending them to me.  Several months later we were in a class together and Paula told me she'd sent her quilt to her usual computerized quilter and was not happy.  She was removing the quilting and planned to bring it to me to quilt for her (yippee!!!).  I started to give her ideas and she cut me off with a, "I've seen your work.  I want custom."  After they picked me up off the floor, I couldn't stop smiling.

This is the quilt she sent to me.  Its an Eleanor Burns Victory Quilt. I've done many of them, so wanted to do some different designs on this one.  I did swags and piano keys in the border, ribbon candy in the sashing, and to fill up those big setting triangles I did a combo of water-stipple with an outlined star--a technique I learned over at MQR.

A close up showing the swags/piano keys, ribbon candy sashing and the setting triangle star.

This ended up being my favorite block.  I had done the continuous curve on the outside, but then had no idea what to do in the actual star pattern.  I actually did this block last and used my Boomerang ruler from Deloa Jones for my design idea.  Can't really see much from the front, but...

Check out the back.  Way cool, I think!! (Yes, I know...tooting my own horn--sorry. *shrug*)

I have one more of these Victory Quilts to do.  One of my customers, Lyn, did her quilt in burgandies, greens and golds--its very striking.  She plans to enter it in the local fair.  If you have any ideas for different designs, please let me know.  After awhile, I get into a rut and can't think of anything new!


  1. Love the ribbon candy and the swags! Do you have special rulers for the swags?

  2. love the water ripple star (I will be 'borrowing that one), ...I'd be tooting my horn too-you're quilting is stellar.


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