Sunday, February 27, 2011

A New Toy

Okay, so it really isn't a "toy," it's more of a useful tool...

My original iron died and left us with my old one. We got this one at Costco just last week. Isn't it pretty? Well, it was...

Now it looks like this:

Because of this...

I knocked it off the board when I was laying out a t-shirt quilt. Now the carpet has a tattoo and the iron has carpet fibers baked on.  Please, if you have any idea on how to save it, let me know. Otherwise, it will be the most expensive iron I've ever purchased!!!


  1. Ok. First don't panic. I know this sucks. Years ago, on one of my first quilting projects, before I knew any better about fabric, pressing or copyright infringement.....I ironed a LARGE 3' diameter mickey mouse face on a piece of red polyester, on my best friends WHITE BERBER CARPET in a RENTAL HOUSE. OMG! Panic! This happened late at night, acutally about 3:00am and we actually considered starting a fire to destroy the evidence before her husband got up and saw it. Solution: We laid on the floor with a lot of box cutter razor blades and CAREFULLY cut the top melted loops off of the berber carpet. It took months but was successful. This looks like a pile carpet, but the same technique might work for you....I would be careful not to cut them all the same lenght to keep from having a crop circle in you carpet.....

    Anyway - good luck and just 15 or 20 years you will probably laugh about this. kinda.

  2. Oh my.
    I did this too. The day before my first open house right after I put the house on the market. Major, major furniture moving and re-staging to cover it up.
    I never did find a way to fix it - although Cheran's advise is an interesting option.
    Sold the house without the buyer ever saying anything about it - and it was in clear view on the final walk through when the furniture was out. I was in a panic she would she it and back out or something.
    I'm sorry I don't have any suggestions but I do feel your pain.

  3. Heat up the iron & press it firmly back & forth over a wet magic eraser. It will sizzle & steam like crazy. Then wipe the iron off on some cheap throwaway fabric scrap. Rewet the magic eraser & iron over it again. Repeat & repeat until the ick is gone!

  4. Doty, so sorry this happened! I don't have a fix for the carpet except what Cheran said about snipping the melted part off. But regarding your iron, purchase a tube of Dritz Iron-Off, should be available at your local JoAnn's or similar store. Carefully smear it on the hot iron, and carefully wipe off. Smelly, but it works. I've used this product numerous times to remove heavy accumulations of iron-on bonding webs.

  5. Thanks!! I really don't care about the rug (I bought it at Costco for cheap),but the iron I do care about. I'll try the Dritz Iron-Off and if it doesn't work, then the Magic you mean the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser??? You guys are great!

  6. Dory
    I have used both the Dritz iron cleaner and magic eraser and both work well, I usually just use the Mr. Clean magic eraser as I always have one by the sink. Good luck!!!

  7. Sorry - I thought you meant the rug...... In addition to Mr. Clean magic eraser, I have used Bar Keepers Friend on my iron - it's wonderful - probably a little more abrasive than the Mr. Clean option, but shoudln't scratch.

  8. Dory Bonash also make Iron Clean sheets, that ladies were coming back and getting resupplies when I got mine at Houston.

    Any Hot Iron cleaner will most likely work but will take a bit of elbow grease to do it.


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