Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Cascading Stars by Karen Combs

On occasion, I do quilting for a local quilty/gift shop in Portola called Blue Petunia. This is a quilt Susan wanted for her next few shows. This design presented many questions...allover since its so busy? something to set the stars off? What to do????

It took some consultation with other longarmers to determine a good plan for quilting this one. A fellow quilter suggested quilting it by color rather than trying to highlight each star with quilting or doing an allover pattern. That made the lightbulb go off and this is what happened.

I quilted each area by color, using feathers and loops, along with some meandering to fill in. Here are some closeups that show the quilting:

On the outside, I did a "ray" pattern to give the impressing of an exploding star. The green showing here that continues to the center, was filled with feathers and a loop design at the top to "match" the design done in the center block.

Same with the blue that extended out from the center.

A different feather style in the gold rectangle and a directional feather in the red rectangle to add some interest.

The center. I used several designs from within the quilt in an attempt to tie everything together.

Thanks for looking!

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