Saturday, March 12, 2011

Adding to my Repertoir

I'm expanding my business to include making T-shirt quilts for those of you that have way too many. The idea to actually make them came when a friend of mine heard I was purchasing a longarm, so she sent me a box of her t-shirts. I think she just heard the word "quilt," and decided that I was going into the "quilt making" business.

It took me awhile before I actually made her quilt. I don't like the traditional t-shirt quilts where all the shirts are cut to the same size. That style often leaves too much empty t-shirt space and/or causes some of the design to be cut off. I did some research and discovered "Too Cool T-shirt Quilts." I liked their concept, but the quilter in me didn't like the "messiness." So I came up with this...

I made this quilt for a good friend of mine that competes in Endurance Rides. The border and sashing fabric are both from Laurel Burch's Mythical Horses line. 

This one was made for a friend that does Ride & Tie and is small enough to be a nice-sized lap quilt.

So if you're one of those people who competes in any type of event and has too many t-shirts, send them to me and I'll send you a quilt!!  

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  1. Great job Dory....those quilts will be great for sleep over weekends in the trailer!!!!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland


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