Friday, April 8, 2011

Is it really April??

As I sit inside the office by the fire typing this, it's snowing outside. Snowing...isn't this supposed to be April? Seriously, it would almost be funny if I weren't so sick of cold weather!

It does give me lots of time to quilt though. Since we're still not riding, I haven't had to rearrange my schedule much. Marei has given me four beautiful quilts to do for her. Two have hearts on them...this is one. This one, I thought, was the one she wanted back quickly. I finished it on time, put it in the mail and she called me to tell me that she loved the quilting, but....yep, wrong heart quilt. *sheesh* Good thing she loved it!!

A close-up so you can actually see the quilting!

And the back. I always love Marei's backs. They are usually such that the quilting shows up nicely. Its like two quilts in one.

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