Monday, May 9, 2011

Quilt Show: Day 5

This is Day 5 and, potentially, the last day of the show...depending on how fast I get the next quilt finished! This quilt is from Carolyn and is the Mocha Stars pattern by Kim Diehl. Kim's appliqué techniques were different from what Carolyn was used to, but she did a beautiful job. Have a look:

This quilt took forever! There were a million (okay, slight exaggeration) stops and starts, and I always tie-off and bury my threads, which takes even longer. Each circle, stem, leaf and diamond had to be done individually.

And after all those stops and starts, there were the pebbles. Lots and lots of pebbles!!

I love how this quilt turned out. This was one of the first times I'd done pebbling and while it takes a long time to do, it looks awesome! 

No pictures of the back, since nothing really showed except the cream pebbles on the brown background. Carolyn was disappointed that she hadn't chosen a different backer after seeing how it turned out. Top thread was Rainbows Brass Band, Lava Fern Grotto, and So Fine! in a cream and chocolate. I used chocolate in the bobbin for everything except the green and cream areas.

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