Sunday, May 1, 2011

Quilt Show!! Quilt Show!!!

Since I've been quilting and not posting, I decided to have my very own quilt show! Stay tuned...

This is the first one up. Remember these quilts? Well, this one ws in there. It is from our retreat last year where they chose the fabric for our double mystery. This one belongs to Billie and although she wanted black/white/red fabrics, she wasn't thrilled with these. She gave it to me to quilt and just wanted an allover pattern.

I started out following Billie's instructions, just doing a large meander. I knew she didn't want to pay a fortune and this is a big quilt. But then, I remembered the solid black I did some continuous curve and line dancing to throw in a little interest.

I just couldn't meander the whole thing. Seriously?? Look at this back! It was calling to me. *sigh* How to get your longarmer to give you a good deal on quilting? Tell them you want the least expensive possible, then give them a plain back to go with your quilt. It gets me every time! (For a detailed look at the back, click on the picture below)

Thanks for stopping by...the quilt show will continue!


  1. looks fabulous, and I bet she will be so much happier with this custom work rather than an overall. Sometimes you just have to let the quilt talk to you ;)
    Take care give the dogs some love for me!!!

  2. Thanks, Lisa!! your e-mail!


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