Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Problem with Moving...

...is being in between two places at once! Most of our stuff is in Washington, except the business equipment. We came back to catch up on our projects prior to moving everything north and to attend our town's Christmas "Sparkle" parade. Its a really fun activity held on the first Friday of December. This year's Sparkle is made even more fun because Dennis' oldest daughter will be having an artists opening reception at our local Plumas Arts Gallery.

Back to the matter at hand: in Quincy is my camera that I use to take pictures of customer quilts for my posts; in Washington is the cord used for transferring said pictures to my computer.  Thank goodness for the iPhone. The photos may not be as sharp, but at least there are photos!!

These quilts were made by Diane using scraps given to her by another quilter that didn't like the colors any longer.  She put them to good use for her grandkids.  This one is for her granddaughter

And this one was for her grandson. Wondering where the pic is of the whole quilt? Me too!!! <snicker>

The design in the 9-patch and large blocks was a new one for me. It came from "Line Dancing" and was really fun to quilt.

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