Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Real Snow Storm - Sequim Style

We got a real snow storm the other day. I say real, because on occasion, you'll look out and we'll have five minutes of those beautiful white, puffy flakes. Then it stops.  This time though, well look:

I need to learn how to use photoshop so I can do something about the dog derriere in the picture, but isn't it beautiful? (The snow, not the dog butt!) I just love the snow here because, as my Quincy friends say, "You can shovel that with a spatula!" And its true...if I wanted to shovel--which I don't!

The boys thought it was great too.  A little too bright for Dash who could barely keep his eyes open.

And Cash (a.k.a. Moose), whose intent focus is on Dash. Cash has the most herding instinct of any of our Border Collie I've ever owned. Whenever they're outside, Moose herds Dash--or tries to.

And finally, a picture of both boys in my studio.  Used to be that Dash was the only one that wanted to come in. Now they both do, but they're on their rug and being adorable. How can I resist??

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  1. Beautiful picture of the snow (and beautiful house too!) Handsome hounds! We had some snow down here too. South of us, Tuscaloosa had 3 inches. It was gone in a few hours. We didn't get any, just icy rain. Sara


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