Sunday, July 21, 2013

Isn't This One Pretty???

Maryann brought this quilt by just the other day. It was our first meeting and her first quilt. I was amazed; the piecing is perfect. Turns out the center block was done by hand in a class she took initially intending to do the whole thing by hand. That first block was enough to make her realize that life is too short for hand piecing, so she improvised. I love what she came up with!

And then the back. When I was first quilting, I would have never thought to piece my back, but she did and even the back turned out great. I had no issues loading this quilt at all.

I really wanted the center block to be the main feature, so after a little SID and a few pebbles in the center, I left it alone to pop.

 I did a curling vine design around the center and then did a different design in each colored geometric area. The large rectangles and squares all received an orange peel treatment. The light colored long vertical and horizontal rectangles had alternating "c's" and the darker purple had a design I call "heatwave." I used a soft gray thread everywhere except the bolder blue and green areas where I matched the thread to the fabric.

This is the back of the center block. (If you click on it, the detail is more easily seen)

This is a larger pic of the back. I have no idea what happened to the color in this photo...the color above is more accurate.

I'm still plugging away on my Quilt-Along; however,  I had to put it aside for a bit to get the bindings and sleeves put on the quilts I entered in the show this weekend. Next post will show EIGHT blocks...yes EIGHT. I'm doing TWO quilts. One is Christmas and one is the fabric shown here.


  1. So where are pictures of the quilts you entered? Did you get any awards? Beth

    1. I think they're all in blog posts here, but I'll check and do a post about my entries. I didn't win anything, but none of them were special enough for that. There were some really lovely quilts at the show. Dory

  2. As always your quilting is so pretty and spot on design picks. I want to practice the alternating C's. Great look and seems easy. LOL I love that "the Grasshopper" learned early that machine piecing (and quilting) is sooo much easier. I always told the "quilt police" that claimed it wasn't a quilt unless it was all done by hand like Grandma did, "Humpf, I knew my Grandma, and as soon as she got a machine she went to town!" And she didn't look back, either. LOL It's a very pretty quilt and a great way to use what could have been an "orphan block". Sara

    1. Thanks, Sara! The hardest thing is remembering to go the other way and not get going the same way on the "C"s. I have to concentrate!! Dory


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