Monday, July 8, 2013

Roll, Roll Cotton Boll

Do you guys remember Bonnie Hunter's Roll, Roll Cotton Boll mystery quilt from a couple of years ago? It was a fun one with all the string piecing using old phone books and lots of scraps. I actually finished my string blocks and perhaps a few of the others before getting so far behind that I was totally discouraged. There were just too many different bits for me *sigh*

This is Joyce's RRCB quilt, sent to me from North Carolina via a friend of hers that lives in Sequim. It was a circuitous route, but it made it.

Bonnie (Quiltville) usually tells you what colors to use, but even with that, I can never come up with good choices. Joyce obviously didn't have the same issue--her colors are great! This was a fun quilt to work on and I'm so glad I got the chance to quilt one of these. It was fun seeing her fabrics, too, as we seem to have several that are the same.

I did some line work in what I looked at as the focus block, with cc's around the triangles to frame it. I did a meander in the cream string blocks to push them back and make the others stand out. Joyce chose wool batting (my personal fave), so it quilted nicely. I love how my needle goes through wool batt like a knife through butter!!

This is the outside border. I wanted to do something a little different with all those tiny little squares, so I alternated loops and cc's. Made the outside fun and added a little "something."

And, finally, two shots of the back. Of course, the back was busy, so its not easy to see--but I had to include them. (try clicking on them...they get big enough for the detail to show) In person, it looked pretty neat!

Thanks for stopping by--and thanks, Joyce, for letting me have so much fun!


  1. Everybody wants to move me to North Carolina, but I really live in South Carolina. Dory did a fantastic job quilting my busy quilt. Love it.

    1. Maybe you should just go ahead and move to NC then--after all, if everyone thinks you should be there!! Thanks for letting me quilt this one Joyce; you always do such a nice job.


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