Thursday, September 26, 2013

Quincy Crazy Quilters Raffle Quilt 2014

Once again, the Quincy Crazy Quilters asked me to quilt their raffle quilt for 2014. I've been quilting their raffle quilts since I began long-arming, and I love that they keep asking me to do them. There are so many longarm quilters out there that they could choose from, I feel so privileged that they choose me.

This is a selvage quilt. I've done two of them in the past for members of the guild, so I've had a bit of experience with them. This one came with a special twist--a solid black backing. I LOVE solid backings...but first, the front.

The really fun thing about this quilt was recognizing many of the selvages and trying to remember who they belonged to. It was easy to remember the fabric, not so easy to put it with a customer though.

A close-up of the front. I did paisleys in the selvage parts and cc's in the smaller selvage squares. In the black, I stippled. All of these designs were "framed;" I stitched just inside the blocks to make them stand out more and to give the back a very polished look.
And here are the shots of the back. I really, really like how it turned out.

And here are a few more of the back...I just think its so cool (sorry to sound like such a broken record!) They're worth clicking on for a closer view--trust me.

Thanks for stopping by and having a look. 


  1. Wow! Yes, be proud of this quilt. It's beautiful.

  2. Thanks, guys! I appreciate the compliment and your reading my blog. I just love the back of that quilt!!!


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