Monday, December 2, 2013

What I did in November saw Paula's quilt, right? (Click HERE if you missed it and want to see more.)

I finished her quilt just in time for my trip to Carson City, Nevada. My sister, Barb, lives there and we sewed for three days straight! And I do mean "straight"! My flight arrived on a Monday in the afternoon; we went to her house and dropped off my luggage and then to her studio and sewed until around 8 that night. She has a condo she used to rent that she uses for her studio now. It gets her out of the house and away from phones--perfect.

While there, I finished three things! First, I put this little table runner together. I've had this kit for years and was looking for something simple that I could test my 1/4" seam with on my Featherweight. Perfect project for that.

 Then I made this top from a free pattern for a friend who is undergoing some serious dental work. She came off her horse and landed on her face on a rock--not good. I'm hoping this quilt will let her know that she's loved.

Finally, I've had all these blocks for years. I took them with me not thinking I'd actually do anything with them. However, I put them up on the design wall and we decided they just needed to be sewn together--no planning necessary. I think the was the fastest quilt I've ever done!!

I had a great time hanging out with my sister; we haven't done that in quite a while. She has really good color sense and her work is perfect. No cut off points for my sister!!!  She quilts, too, but she does her quilting on a Juki. She's taken lessons from Cindy Needham and really does a great job on her projects.

From there...on Thursday...I headed off to Quincy....


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  1. Go Dory! Very pretty quilts. Now when do they go on the frame? LOL Sounds like a fun time. Glad that you got to go see your sister and to sew on your own things. Sara


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