Monday, December 30, 2013

What'd you get for Christmas??

Dennis knows I love gadgets, so for Christmas I got:

A Fitbit Force!  Have you seen these? They are so much fun. I had never even heard of them until we were wandering around the Reno airport and they had a similar one there. I was immediately intrigued.  We got home, Dennis did a ton of research, and the end result: I'm now wearing my Force everyday. It has a display so that I can check stats directly on the watch, or I can sync with my tablet, pc and phone. Yesterday I took over 10,000 steps (I'm sure it had something to do with moving everything out of my studio and into the dining room), climbed seven flights of stairs (I live in a two-story house) and burned 2,200 calories. I can even track my sleep...its so much FUN!! go with my Force, I now have a Vitamix. I was surprised by this gift as Dennis has often said that he thinks they're nothing more than a glorified blender. However, he's since changed his mind.  I've made just two things so far (strawberry daiquiris and Broccoli Cheddar soup), but that was enough to convince him. My goal is to use it at least 5 days a weed: soup in the winter and smoothies in the summer.

How was your Christmas??



  1. Love, love, love my Fitbit! I've had a couple over the last few years, and now have a Fitbit One. It is so motivating. Soon you too will be addicted to the stats. I'm always amazed that I burn as many calories working around the house and quilting on the weekends as I do in workout classes. I was a little skeptical about the calorie counter on these, but I've compared the results to the fancy heart rate monitors, and these little guys are right in line with them and much more discreet. You're gonna love it!!

    1. Oh, are so right! I already love it and am hooked. I look at it constantly. Mine buzzes when I reach 10,000 steps and it scares me to death. I can't wait to spend a day on the longarm and see how much I "walk" up and down my machine with that. Thanks for commenting!! Dory


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