Sunday, January 5, 2014

Um...Hello??? I Thought this was a Blog about Quilting???

Okay,'re right!

Here's a beautiful quilt from Patti. I met her last summer at the retreat in Poulsbo. Its a gorgeous Stack and Whack--I just love the colors! (They are much more vibrant in much better than the pic)

When Patti first got the top out, it didn't have the red sash or the border. Both those really made it pop! These quilts really don't need a lot of quilting, so I generally just go around the outside of each design. Then I pick a few to highlight. For the highlight, I quilted a different design on them with gold thread.

The big thing for me was the border. I did a bamboo design in the gold thread on the black border. What do you think???

And what post would be complete without a couple shots of the back?

Thanks for putting up with all the non-quilty stuff.


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  1. Wow, that is gorgeous! I love the quilting. Really great idea to keep it simple with this one. Go Dory! You are so good. Hugs, Sara


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