Sunday, February 23, 2014

Empty Spools 2014

Today I start classes at Asilomar in Pacific Grove.

Class this year is with Vikki Pignatelli; she does beautiful artistic work. You can look HERE for some examples of her style.  (This was Cindy's year to choose; she always goes for the artsy teachers, I go for more structure). This will be outside my comfort level, but I'm hoping to come home with something fun! This is the picture that was on the Empty Spools Brochure:


One of the best parts is that every morning, I'm up and out by 6 and going for a walk here. It will just barely be getting light; but it will still be beautiful!

More pics when I'm back!



  1. Wow, looks so beautiful there, and warm too! I'm envious. I'm sure you love the classes.

  2. I'm envious too! Hope it is a wonderful time. Love the quilt from the brochure. A gazillion years ago, I was stationed at The Presidio of Monterey. Lived in Pacific Grove. Love that whole area. It is a pretty place and you will be able to tap into your artistic side. :-) Lots of pics please! Sara


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