Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Beautiful Hunter's Star

Carolyn sent this Hunter's Star to me a few months ago. I was finally able to quilt it up and return it. She does such a beautiful job; her fabric choices for this block were perfect.

Unfortunately, with the red/cream print being so busy, the quilting wasn't going to show. So I chose to do a basic continuous curve design in those parts, along with some line work on the edges.

Here's a closer look:

I tried another fun design in the border. It was a challenge since I had to quilt it in the red/cream and really pay close attention to where I was at at at all times. However, in looking at the back, I think I did okay. (I just LOVE plain backs!!!)

Here's another shot showing more of the quilting. Sorry the fabric looks so yellow; the one above is more true to color.

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  1. Beautiful. I love the edging!

  2. Love it! Your customer will be so pleased as it really is reversible with the quilting design on the backside. Got to love solid backs when the custom quilting turns out to be a design element all unto itself!!

  3. Dory, great job! I love how you quilted it, especially the borders. I like her fabric choices too. It's a very pretty quilt. Hugs from Sara

  4. Lovely quilting the fabric choices for this quilt too....


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