Thursday, April 17, 2014

Its a Mystery; Part 2

I've received and completed the next two steps of the Cabin Fever Quilters mystery challenge.

We could choose from two different quilts, although we had no idea what either looked like. I chose the one with the fewest amount of fabric color combinations to give myself a chance.  The other quilt apparently has fewer steps to complete, so initially, I'm receiving two steps every month.

This is a picture of Step 2 and 3 completed!!

You can't tell from the pic, but there are over 90 of the small triangle bits at the top.  Tedious and boring, but finished!!

Steps 3 & 4 will be complete soon.



  1. That's two steps ahead of me! I have two sets of instructions, since as always, I bit off more than........chew, chew, chew...I'm working on four 8-1/2 ft x 30" banners for the Unitarian Fellowship here in PT and that's my excuse for not even starting mysteries yet.

    Susan Sawatzky

    1. Hi made me laugh! I'm not sure how I'm staying caught up, but so far, so good! Have you started yet?? I'm done with steps 3 and 4!! Hooray!! Gotta post them.


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