Thursday, May 29, 2014

Border/Wide Sashing Tute

I posted a picture of this border on my Facebook Crazy Horse Quilting page and was asked to provide instructions. So, here goes:

To get this:

Do this:

Measure the distance from one corner to the other and decide on the size of the diagonals. I believe mine were approximately 5"

Sew down one side and then...

Come back down the other side, making diamonds as you go. As you can see I stitched a line along the edge. It was necessary to make a complete demarcation to show where the diamonds stopped so that the corner design would be separate.

Below is a shot of the ruler I used and the placement to make the interior angled lines of the diamond. I didn't mark anything, I just used the marks on the ruler to make my lines end approximately 1/4" from the diamond points.

After making the angled inner diamond, I filled in the outside triangle with the lines. Again, I didn't measure and they aren't all the same; however, when you look at the overall effect, your eye will "self-correct" and you don't notice.

At the point of the next diamond, I filled in the inner lines and then continuedon with the vertical lines in the triangle.

This is what it looked like after completing the inner diamonds and the vertical lines on one side.

I was then able to come back, without starting/stopping, to finish the vertical lines on the opposite side. The best part about this was that if I got carried away and forgot to do an inner diamond (this happens when I daydream), I could fill it in on my way back and no one would ever know!

When you're finished, you have this:  

I was able to complete this design with four passes and didn't have to stop/start. I do think part of the reason this turned out looking so cool was the batting (wool) and the way the gold thread matched so well with the gold in the fabric. 

And that concludes today's tutorial. Hope it made sense!!!



  1. That's really cool, Dory! Thanks for sharing!

  2. That's really cool, Dory! thanks for sharing!

  3. Thank you for that tutorial! I have just the place to use it. I was stuck on what to do next in an inner border. Now I can finish the quilt (maybe) :-) Sara

  4. very nice. it is so worth the effort

  5. I'm glad you all enjoyed it and hope you can use it. Thanks for commenting!!!


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