Monday, June 2, 2014

Black, White and Red All Over

Okay, not exactly. But seriously, thinking of blog titles is challenging. I don't even name my quilts--I have no imagination!!!

This quilt is for Alex, Julie's nephew. Julie was the winner of the QAL quilting that I donated. She like that quilting so much that she sent this one all the way from Florida for me to play on.  As you can see by the photo....its a BIG quilt!

Her plan with this quilt, since she made it for her nephew, was to give him options. He can use the side with the color, or turn it over for a solid black quilt. Being male, who knows what he'll choose!

My challenge was thread color. When we talked on the phone, Julie wanted blue thread so that it would show. When the quilt arrived, I didn't think that would look good as you'd only see it in the black and it would disappear in the blue section of the quilt. I felt the thread needed to bring all the quilt parts together, so we went with variegated Mauna Loa (purple & blue) by Superior. I use Superior Thread almost exclusively; I love their thread! For the back, I used a Navy pre-wound from Fil-Tec--those are the best bobbins. They're magnetic and my tension is flawless when I use them.

I did a geometric pattern in the background, which you can see above. Below, you can see that I used Ribbon Candy in the outside of the squares and a swirl for the inner portion. I wanted to add some curves to the squares, just for contrast.

And the back. The Navy thread contrasted just enough to add a bit of color with the texture. Unfortunately, I couldn't get a clear shot of the whole back. The quilting did show up on the shots I could get though.

Now I'll just be waiting to see what Alex thinks. Julie loved it!!



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