Saturday, June 21, 2014

Enough about Cooking; How about a couple of Quilts Instead??

I will take some pics of the food I'm preparing and post them in a few weeks. Until then, how about these two quilts that went home recently? This first one is a baby quilt that Barbara sent up. Simple quilting is always the rule on baby quilts, unless they're going to be the "heirloom, hang on the wall" type.

A close-up

The back (apparently the sun was shining through my window leaving those lovely crossbars on my pic! <grrrrrrrr!!>)

Barbara also tried her hand at a modern quilt. She made this up with squares and rectangles--even using some fabrics I recognized from her other quilt tops.

I quilted this one with loops and a square spiral (is there such a thing??)

I thought the back was really fun! 

Until next time...


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