Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Connie's Quilts

These are two of Connie's quilts that recently went home.  This first one was a Block-of-the-Month hosted by our guild. I did some fun quilting in each square and a bead board border. Not sure you can tell from this pic (maybe click on it to blow it up) but in the corners I did a checkerboard with every other square quilted and the others allowed to have some loft.

A close-up of one of the blocks...

And a bit of the back where you can actually see some quilting

This is the second quilt and FOURTH selvage quilt I've done. In fact, its the second selvage quilt for Connie. The issue with that is design in those solid squares. All the quilts have gone back to the same guild. One was Carolyn's, two were Connie's and one was the Opportunity Quilt for the Quincy Guild.  

This is the design I came up with for the dark "blades." I varied it with differing leaves and occasionally a swirl instead of a leaf.

A close-up of the border treatment.

And this is the design I put in the four corners.

Do you recognize that feather? It would probably be more recognizable had I done it the way it was originally drawn/quilted.


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