Monday, May 3, 2010

Lions and Tigers and Bears...Oh My!!!!

Actually, that should probably be: Wasps and Lizards and Snakes! Oh, My!  First thing yesterday morning, there's a wasp up in the dome...12' up.  There's no smacking that guy with a shoe (at least not without risking breaking the dome).  Luckily, I opened it up and out he went.  Then, as I'm walking into the yurt and telling my pup, Hank, that I'm sorry, but he can't come runs a lizard.  Granted, they're adorable, but really, would you want a lizard, no matter how cute, quilted in your quilt?  He's not the first to be in there, but we couldn't catch this guy before he went under some drawer units.  He's still in there; however, his buddy, who came in looking for him, is back outside.

Finally, going out to open the windows, a 4' garter snake went slithering by.  I know they're not dangerous; I know they eat mice and other things I don't want around; but I don't want him around either.  I can deal with the occasional lizard in my yurt, but what if the snake got in.  I would not deal well with that at all!  Dennis pointed out that there was no way he could get in through the bottom as its clamped too tightly to the base, but still...what if?????  Not only does spring in the yurt bring warmth, it brings critters.  I didn't sign on for that.......

On a quilty note, the selvage quilt is done.  What do you think??  Its my second feathered quilt and I'm pleased with how it turned out.  You can't see the selvages to see what I did, but basically I followed the lines of the selvages and did diamond shapes.  This was one of the quilts I took to Carla's class and these are what she drew:

and after talking with my customer, we combined the two designs and this is what I quilted: straight lines in the selvages on the inside, the curved border treatment and feathers in the red. 

Here's a really bad picture of the whole quilt (I really need to hire a better photographer *smirk*)

And two close-ups:

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  1. love the designs you choose and it looks terrific! A very cool selvage quilt. I don't like snakes around either, I wouldn't harm one, cuz they are so beneficial..but I just don't want to see one.I get the willies, mice are worse tho-I scream like a little girl and jump up on furniture. It's embarrassing actually.


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