Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Couple of Quick Quilts

First up are more of these adorable bunnies.  (You might remember the others from this post - click here)My customer, Marei, has made one of these for all of her grandchildren.  This is the last one...whew!  Although the quilts are all basically the same, Marei uses such bright colors and just wants an allover loop meander on them so they're easy and fun to work on.  I'm so glad she didn't want cutesy...I don't really do cutesy. 

And here's a close-up of one of the little buggers.  I used King Tut Autumn Days on top and the colors were perfect.  There was enough contrast for the variegation to show without taking over the quilt top.
Next up is a quilt with Maple Leaves all over it.  My customer wanted a very basic maple leaf panto with a cable border.  A cable border on a longarm??? 

The panto was simple, the cable border not-so-much.  But I marked the quilt and stitched each row individually.  As far as I can tell, unless your magic (or a computer) there is no way to stay exactly on the line you've marked to make each row to the cable perfect.  But a magical thing happened as I kept didn't matter.  Yes, you can tell that its not perfectly even, but because I used a matching thread, the unevenness is not glaring.  You get the look and feel of the cable border's customer thought it was terrific. *whew* 

A close-up of the front and the back.  I used matching thread, since I knew this was going to be a wall-hanging.  Even on the back, I was pleased with the results.  (Sorry the leaves are sideway!)

And now for some training.  I'm spending the rest of the afternoon on my education so that I can be a better quilter.  I purchased Jamie Wallen's Mystical Cotton Tracks training.  Time to get some learnin'!


  1. Wow, you are a busy quilter..hope you are enjoying your retirement..are you doing any riding?
    I'm doing lots of riding...not much quilting!!

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  2. nice quilting! I've not tried a cable border yet-now I feel I could do it seeing how nice your turned out.

  3. Kay...we've done NO riding...its sad. But, our ponies now have shoes and we have a camping trip planned; we're getting there. Usually by now I've done 3-4 endurance rides! I really want to ride in Scottland; it looks so beautiful. your cable border on a quilt with a busy front/back and matching thread--it will be perfect then!!


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