Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Working on the Yurt

We've been making some changes in the yurt these past few days.  Its a terrific space, except for Dennis' corner.  Yes, he has more than a corner, but there is a specific corner with his desk that has been very cluttered.  Originally, we both thought the desk was a great idea.  It would give him a great place to work on designs on his laptop...in theory.  However, because its a smaller rolltop desk, it ends up looking like this:

After a trip to Dennis' mom's house and replacing the desk and a table with two pieces of her furniture, we now have this.  With the heat press on the dresser, we not only have it out of the way, but now there's storage underneath.

And finally, where the headpress stood, we put in this small desk.  There's room for our computers and we can see the tv (important when you're trying to watch "Lost").  Since the top is so open, I'm hoping we'll keep it looking this nice all the time.

And look...we even have flowers!  Dennis gave me a hydrangae plant for my retirement...our first yurt plant!

1 comment:

  1. cool pictures-I'm always re-amazed at your Yurt!
    That is the best feeling when you rearrange/change something up for the better, way to go!


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