Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Military Quilts

A woman in my Guild, Andrea, has a son that is in the military.  He works in a hospital and commented to his mom that the injured soldiers come in in their uniforms which are then removed and thrown away.  When the soldiers are well enough to leave, they don't have anything that is really "theirs."  He asked his mom to make quilts for these soldiers; she approached our Guild with the request and we've been giving her blocks to put into quilts ever since.

Here are the two most recent.  This first one is another Victory Quilt that I put Deb's Swirls on it.

A close up -- Swirls is such a simple design that it worked well on this one.

This second one was these friendship stars set with sashings and borders.  I played a bit more with this one. Loops on the outside two borders, smaller ones on the inside white border, squiggly cross-hatching (no ruler required) and then Continuous Curve in the stars. 

I used Rainbows Patriotic (red/white/blue) on the front and Bottom Line Lace White on the back.  Tension was perfect...I love my Millennium!

And a close-up of the front...

That's all for now...with our weather all I've been able to do is quilt.  I'm a fair weather rider, so riding Kate in the pouring rain just isn't an option.  Besides, its May...isn't it supposed to be nice weather now??


  1. the quilts are great. Yes I agree May=nice weather! It's been in 50's and raining here too-into the 30's at night.
    I will take the blame as I put all my winter clothes away when it hit the 70-80's a few weeks back-my bad! :)

  2. Rain..I wish it were only that. We have had snow...up to 8 inches...since Monday!
    Beautiful quilting Dory. Fantastic cause...too bad we have injured soldiers though who need these quilts.


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