Friday, May 7, 2010

Moose Smoochies!

Are moose smoochies a noun or verb? Interesting question...well, maybe not to you, but.  My good friend Shannon often signs her post sending me "moose smoochies."  I, of course, return the sentiment with "pony smoochies" (what else?)  Shannon was in New York recently teaching classes and found these while she was there:

I realize it doesn't show up well from this picture, so here are the items included in the package I received just the other day.  First was this card with a Sunflower on it...I adore sunflowers and I'm going to frame it and put it in my studio.  The "fish" on the envelope is "Dory Fish" from Finding Nemo. Shannon's longarm is named "Nemo" and she often calls me "Dory Fish" when she thinks I'm being silly. (go figure!) They're both lying on a gorgeous FQ of fabric that has butterflies on it...for Butterfly Valley (I live in Butterfly Valley).  And finally, there's a tube of "something,"

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Its a tube of Mad Gab's blackberry flavored "Moose Smooch." Isn't it great???  Thanks, Shannon...I love it!!

That's the end of the fun for today though...retired or not, there's far too much to do.  Today's agenda includes preparing minutes from last night's Fish & Game Commission meeting, revising minutes from the C Road CSD meeting, preparing the newsletter for my guild and rearranging some furniture in the yurt.  Its going to be a busy today...but not a quilting one. *pout*


  1. What no horses...what no quilting???
    Don't seem like much fun being retired???

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland who is going on first ride out of the season today (Sat) will post about it!


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