Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Selvage Quilt

Connie did this one.  I especially like the brown as the contrasting color...makes it look warm.

I didn't want to do this quilt exactly as I had with the other, so instead of ruler work on all the center, I did a squiggly line to tack those areas down.  (Had a neat effect on the backing). I also used a squiggly line in the outer selvages as well...just like this.

In the brown, instead of feathers, I used the bamboo fill.  While you can do each area with one pass, you have to do them all individually.  I could not figure a way to make them continuous.

Unfortunately, brown on brown doesn't photograph well (no...its not the fault of the photographer *grin*)

I loved the fabric she used on the backing. And because of the design in it, the diagonal/squiggly lines really added some texture and movement. (I love happy accidents!)

The thread in this quilt was Superior's Bottom Line Lace White in the top/bobbin and their So Fine Buffalo in the brown areas.  The Bottom Line white is amazing thread.  Its very, very white, but because it is so thin, you don't really see it unless you're up close to the quilt.  I really like the effect it gives.



  1. pretty! i'm saving selvages for a quilt one day...

    moose smoochies!

  2. Love that quilt...well done!
    Dory, do you know the name of that backing fabric...I love it?

    Best Wishes
    Kay in Scotland

  3. Thanks, Shannon!

    Kay, I don't know the name of it, but I can probably find out for you. Also, my customer bought it from a local shop, so I can probably track it down that way...or send some to you. Let me know!!

  4. That is a cool quilt, Dory! I love the squiggly lines and the back is wonderful!


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