Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I posted some time ago about my "deal" with Twisted Scissor Quilt Shop in Sparks.  I quilt store samples for Karen; she gives me store credit and has my business cards available in her store.  Well, it worked!!

Mari-Lynn called me in June and had a "quilt" for me...but it wasn't really a quilt.  By definition, a quilt has a top, back and middle.  This one had a top and back, but no middle. Her plan was to use it for a shower curtain, so she didn't want any batting to trap moisture and cause mold.  Made sense, but quilting something without batting...for a new customer??? Yikes!

I was in Reno for the Sew-Quilt Expo and met Mari-Lynn there.  The challenge was before me...quilt this beautiful Asian fabric that was predominantly black and white and don't let the thread be an obnoxious contrast on the BLUE backing!  Well, I did it.

I used Superior's Lava Black Sand (black, light silver, gray and dark silver) on the top with Bottom Line Lace White in the bobbin.  I love Lace White.  You'd think that with it being white it would really show up on the blue, but its so fine that unless you're standing 2 feet away, you don't see it.  It was the perfect combination.  During my initial consultation with Mari-Lynn, I had explained that without batting and from my first glance at her quilt, a really dark gray was going to be my thread color choice for both the top and bobbin.  She wasn't thrilled, but she understood.

Sometimes things work out perfectly, quilting-wise.  I had barely started when I was so excited with how this thread looked that I had to run and tell someone.  Poor Dennis got the entire story, to which he listened patiently.  I did "bamboo" in the border and an all-over version of Paisley in the body.  I like how the short runs of silver really seem to give the birds movement.

Another close up...

A cute little story to go with:  When Mari-Lynn and I first spoke on the telephone, she told me she was looking for a longarm quilter.  She also said that she had three quilts to be done, but then she became quiet.  I filled in the rest: She had three quilts to be done but she wanted to see my work before just handing them over.  Although she was hesitant, she agreed that I had it right.  I so understand that...would you want to turn over three quilts all at once to someone whose work you'd never really seen?? I think NOT.  However, I left Mari-Lynn's on Monday with those other two quilts and one more on the way.  *smile*


  1. Perfect! And deservedly so!! I love her new shower curtain!! Congrats all the way around!!

  2. That is soooo cool, Dory. Yes, it really does give flight to the birds. I would never have thought to use that thread, but it's perfect! (I cringe when I have to chose a thread for a project like that) Good for you, she gave you the next two and I'll bet many more to come. ; )
    Linda Craig

  3. Thanks! Once I started working on this one, I really loved it. The thread was perfect (yes, I'm bragging--but I was also incredibly lucky to pick the right one!)

  4. Wow, nice job! The quilting sets off the fabric perfectly!

  5. That's cool, Dory! I've been thinking of making a shower curtain for our trailer. Did you have to tweak your tension a lot? Good job on getting the other quilts from her...I am sure there are plenty more in your future!

    Lisa E


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