Thursday, August 12, 2010

Pioneer Sampler Quilt

This will be the first of FOUR of these quilts that I'll be working on.  All four are so different; they hardly seem like the same pattern.

First up:  This one is from Mona.  She chose to do hers in the same fabric line that I used for my sister's birthday quilt. I had a hard time figuring out why the fabrics were so familiar.  Then, she really messed with my head.  I started seeing double...until I realized that she'd increased the size of her quilt by duplicating some of the blocks.

Have a look!

And here are close-ups of a few of the blocks:

Shannon was still here while this one was lying on my machine and I was deciding what to do with it.  She encouraged me to use the same thread throughout to pull the blocks together. After I got over my initial paranoia of my quilting actually being visible *yikes*, I went for it.  I do like the effect and will do that more often.  That Shannon is one smart "doodlebug"!!

Mona is entering this quilt in our County Fair, which started yesterday.  I'll let you know whether she wins anything.

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  1. I love Aster Manor! This is a lovely quilt, good job on the quilting and leaving your comfort zone with thread!


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