Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Show us the QUILTS!!

Ask, and ye shall receive. Seems I've heard that somewhere before??

This is the quilt that I made for my sister's 60th birthday.  She doesn't turn 60 until September, but the plan was to go to Phoenix on July 29 for her party. The party happened, but because of dealing with family issues (mother-in-law), I just didn't feel good about leaving.  As it was, I think Dennis and I put over a 1,000 miles on the car searching for the perfect placement for her.  We finally found it.  She's at Eagle Lake Village in Susanville. If you've never seen an assisted living facility, let me tell you, they are not what you'd expect.  They are like having a room at the Ritz!  Its amazing!!

But, back to the quilt.  I made this one in a hurry (I think its called a split nine-patch?) with some charm squares I'd purchased to match the colors of my sister's house.  Unfortunately, I hadn't thought to purchase sashing at the same time.  That meant a trip to our local hardware store (yes, I said "hardware store") to look for some.  Dennis picked this out from their limited supply...what do you think?

I used Kristina's Quiltazoid (mine is on its way) to quilt the blocks and then just did feathers and some weird loopy thing in the sashing (good thing my sis isn't a quilter *chuckle*).  Lesson learned: When using the QZ, fill in some of the empty places to balance quilt density.  Unfortunately, since I was on the clock, trying to get this done before I flew out, I didn't go back and do that.

A couple pictures of the back.  I love it when the quilting shows! (okay, so you may have to click on the photo to make it larger so you can see it, but it does show...really!)

I think she'll be happy anyway.

Oh, and here's a little test for any of you that are puzzle solvers:  There's something wrong with a photo in this post--can you see it??


  1. Beautiful quilt! I wish i was your sister! Oh..and DUH...the top photo shows the quilt upside down. Silly Dory!

  2. yup- i saw it too- the top pic is upside down...

    i like your feathers in the quilt!


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