Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Guess Why I'm Making All This Stuff!

Your first clue:

Isn't it cute? I used a flannel print with these goofy animals (who can resist a horse with buck teeth??) and one of the BQ patterns...BQ4, I think.

This is the back. I wish blogs were textile--it is minke and boy is it soft!!  It gives the quilt such a nice feel.

Your second clue:

This cute little elephant wall hanging.

Look closely...the side has little lines that measure inches.  Are you figuring it out???

And the last clue:

A fabric book with nursery (big clue) rhymes!!

So???  Can you guess what I'm going to be????



  1. Replies
    1. Susan, I'm way too old to be a mommy--at least for anything two-legged. I'm gonna be a grandma!! First time ever!! I'm so excited!!

  2. Nice job with all the grandbaby stuff, Dorothy. Glad you showed them. And I agree....nobody could resist a bucktoothed horse. Very cute.

  3. Grandmother...Congratulations grandbabies are the best!


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