Saturday, January 10, 2015


I took a few weeks off around Christmas and did a little playing!

First I put this Buggy Barn wool wonky churn dash together--except I didn't use wool.  It turned out okay, just not as okay as I'd hoped.  It was fun to piece; I do love Buggy Barn patterns and am so sad that they went out of business before I got to visit.

Notice that block in the upper left corner??  That's what happens when you don't pay any attention to how many blocks you're making and you have to scrounge around for another one! that I'm looking at this fabric again, the quilt is beginning to grow on me. I do love the border. You just leftover bits together and then cut them into strips.  

Hmmm...I may have gotten a little carried away sewing strips together.  No idea what I'll do with all these leftovers!!! *shrug*

Then my sister told me about a Christmas Stocking tute that Missouri Star Quilt Company did. She made a couple of stockings, so I decided to give it a go too.  Unfortunately, this was after my longarm was waiting for a part, so I straight-stitched on my Featherweight.  The pic is before the quilting; the next one will be quilted on my longarm. 

Naturally mine aren't done.  Yet another UFO.....<sigh>

And finally...can you guess what I did with this stuff???

I also worked on the Four-Patch Frenzy that was a mystery quilting event at Longarm University. I have mine almost completed...then I can start quilting it! I'll show pics when I'm done.



  1. Glad to hear you're playing! And the stocking UFOs aren't really UFOs. They're just "aging" until later this year when it's time to work on Christmas stuff again.


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